Trade Essentials

Trade Essentials offer one of the largest ranges of wood panel products, systems and accessories in Australia. In fact, for anything you need in wood panelling, you'll find it with Trade Essentials. It's high quality, durable and Australian made and it's readily available from conveniently located branches around the state. That means it's a range of wood panel products you can rely on.

The comprehensive product range includes Craftwood (MDF Products), Craftform, Whiteboard, White MDF, ReadiKits, Particleboard, Flooring, Plywood, Adhesives, and Easycraft. Everything you need to get the job done and to keep your clients happy.




Trade Essentials® Speciality Boards | Strandfloor 

Strandfloor is a smarter solution for commercial and residential flooring. Bonded together with no added formaldehyde resins, Strandfloor is made up of large timber flakes randomly layered for an attractive flooring solution. Manufactured with a polypropylene tongue and groove system, Strandfloor is easy to install and is available in two additional treatment possibilities to provide resistance to insect attack (Termite Treated) or both fungal decay and insect attack (H3 Treated)




Trade Essentials® Speciality Boards | Strandboard

Constructed from large timber flakes bonded together with no added formaldehyde resins, Strandboard has robustness suitable for a wide range of building and furniture joinery applications. With a characteristic random wood strand surface, Strandboard is aesthetic appealing when polished, washed or raw.



Trade Essentials® Speciality Boards | Litecraft

As a self-supporting pinnable substrate, Litecraft saves time and money. The low density panel is lighter and easier to handle than other panel products and, with its self-supporting structure, it eliminates the need for additional fabrication materials in the manufacture of office screens and partitions, making Litecraft more economical than traditional construction materials.


Particleboard_Tradesman__s_Essential_Guide_1.jpg Trade Essentials® Particleboard and Trade Essentials® Particleboard MR are medium density, resin bonded particleboard panels which are identified by their characteristic fine flake surface.

Trade Essentials® Particleboard MR (Moisture Resistant) has been developed to provide additional resistance to the effects of moisture in areas subject to high humidity and is identified by green dye in the core of the panel.



Trade Essentials® Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard Flooring provides unbeatable protection against damp or humid conditions. It's made to flawlessly high standards, and features an easy to use tongue and groove system for remarkable strength in unsupported joints. Come rain, hail or shine, it's your safest bet.

Choose from two specs to cover your building requirements:

- Green Tongue - 19mm for 450mm joists, and
- Beige Tongue - 22mm for 600mm joists.






Craftwood Medium Density Fibreboard makes working life easier. It cuts, drills and routs cleanly, so you won't get chipping or splintering. And it's made with a super smooth finish, so painting, laminating and veneering are a breeze.





Made from high-quality particleboard, our Whiteboard is tough to beat. It's pre-decorated with a white melamine surface bonded to both sides. And doesn't need to be cut, drilled or edged. No matter what the job, you'll get it done with minimum fuss.





Our White MDF is made from high-quality Medium Density Fibreboard. It is now available as E0 as standard when tested to AS/NZS 1889.1 classification for formaldehyde in wood based products. It's got a white melamine surface bonded to both sides. So it can be used as either a pre-finished product or face routed and finished with a paint system. All you need to do is cut, drill and edge it. It's that easy.





Superprime Craftwood Mouldings are made to fit. They're available in a range of profiles and sizes. Plus, with our huge range of traditional and contemporary styles, provides something to suit every type of home.






When it comes to curved areas, Craftform bends the limits. Unlike other panels, it's got industrially cut grooves at even intervals and depths. You can create large and small radii without splitting and recoiling. And produce circular and undulating constructions with ease.


 Trade_Essentials_Adhesives.GIF Once you've tried them, you're bound to stick with our Adhesives. Made specifically for the trade to bond a wide array of decorative laminates, melamine board, wood and wood-based panel products, they're high quality, long lasting and easy to use.