Timber can be used in a variety of applications and has many advantages so it is a great consideration for your next building project and Laminex Australia stocks a wide variety of pine to meet your requirements. 


Some of the many advantages to using pine are as follows:

  • 17th_Feb__10_.jpgTimber provides the only renewable house frame and is sourced from sustainably managed Australian plantations.
  • Timber framed construction is suitable for use anywhere in Australia and is supported by Australian Standards for design and construction.
  • Timber framed construction is lightweight but strong and allows the designer to be free of the restrictions of heavyweight materials.
  • Termite protected BluePine framing is available where termite risk is higher or where the homeowner or builder would like additional peace of mind.
  • Timber is easy to use with its high strength for its weight and can be easily nailed together to produce modern award winning forms. Further, timber construction can be easily extended in the future using readily available tools.
  • Timber is always available at your local Laminex Australia branch.

* Some information sourced from the Timber Development Association. 

Availability & Applications

To meet your building needs we sell a wide range of pine products including but not limited to the following:

Pine Structural MGP10 Pine framing is the natural choice for home building, whether single houses or large multi-residential developments. It allows for quality construction, low cost and minimal construction time. All pine grade-marked framing is kiln dried under carefully controlled conditions, making it highly stable, stronger, stiffer and able to hold nails well. At Laminex Australia we sell Standard Pine Untreated, H2 Treated Structural and H3 treated Structural.

Pine Dressed All Round (DAR) Dressed All Round pine or DAR as it is commonly known, is when timber is machined on a side of the pine or every face to produce certain dimensions or / and an attractive smooth surface. DAR is commonly used for mouldings, wall lining, dressed framing and cladding.

Pine Mouldings Pine mouldings in the form of skirting, architrave, quarter round and scotia are also available in H3 treated pine which comes pre-primed.

For more information

To obtain more information on these products including technical, availability and applications please contact one of our friendly team members at your nearest branch today.