Glulam Beams

Glued Laminated Timber (Glulam) is a stress-rated engineered wood product comprised of wood laminations, or 'lams', that are bonded together with strong waterproof adhesives. Glulam components can be a variety of species, and individual 'lams' are typically two inches or less in thickness.


  • Able to be used both decoratively and structurally.

  • Glulams are lightweight but strong making it easy to transport and work with on site as well as allows designers to be free of the restrictions of heavyweight materials.

  • It is available in almost any length (limited only by manufacturing, handling and transport requirements). has low variability in properties, with the additional element of a high aesthetic finish.

  • Environmentally preferable, like all timber products, as it stores carbon, reduces emissions, is 100% biodegradable, naturally insulating, naturally insulating, renewable and recyclable.
  • Available in Kapur, Merbau, Oregon, and Tasmanian Oak.


 For more information regarding Glulams, as well as available lengths and sizes, simply contact your local branch today.